Join as a volunteer this year; next year run!

3-Sjøersløpet – the first Saturday in November

Join the race

3-Sjøersløpet is organised solely by volunteers and each year we need more people involved before, both during and after the race.

Could you participate as a volunteer? The work is very social and there is a good atmosphere when the race is underway. Usually, we need volunteers to help us for between 2-4 hours. Are you coming this year – we will give you a free start number next year.

Write to us if you want to join – we need help on the following items:

Distribution of start numbers
Guards along the race course
Drinking stations
Handing out medals
Distribution of food at the finish
Provision of drinks in the finish area
Taking photographs
Marking the track
Clearing the trail
Cleaning up the finish
Assembling the start/finish area
NGOs / clubs are encouraged to contact us for volunteer opportunities.

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