Allocation of starting numbers

If you see your name online without your start number, don’t worry it will come later. Start numbers (with name) will normally be printed one week before – all changes made to your start number after this time will only show in the system and not on the printed start number.

Distribution of start numbers

Place: Tennishallen Tjensvoll (Stavanger Tennisklubb)

Time: 4 Nov. 10:00-19:00 and 5 Nov. 08:00-11:00

Collection of start number

It is possible to collect start numbers for others. In these cases it would be preferable if the person collecting could find out the number in advance so that the volunteers do not have to spend time searching for them.

Directions for collection of start number

When collecting the start number it is recommended that runners use the parking facilities under Stavanger Ishall and DNB Arena.

The car park is called “P-Forum”, Click here for more information on the facility

Late registration

Registration is possible online, and is open until 5 Nov. 10.00. If the race is sold out before then, it is not possible to enter.

Manual registration is possible during the distribution of start numbers until 5 Nov. 10.00.

The race does NOT post second hand entries.