As an organizer, we place emphasis on facilitating an event that does not lead to increased infection of covid-19. But we are also dependent on the individual actions of our dear participants, to succeed with this.
See here for what we expect from you:

How to avoid the spread of infection?

  1. If you are ill, stay at home.
  2. Good hand and cough hygiene.
  3. Keep at least 1 meter away from others
  • People who are infected with corona, are in quarantine, or have symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as a sore throat, runny nose, cough or reduced general condition, should not participate in the race.
  • If you can avoid using public transportation for the event, then do so. We recommend walking or cycling to the starting area.
  • When you are out on the trail, do not forget to show consideration for those close to you, if you have to sniff your nose.
  • Minimum 1 meter distance, applies at all times; before, during and after the race.
  • There will be offers of hand alcohol in several places. Use them as needed and keep your hands clean.
  • Wear the sticker, which is included in the start number envelope, on the warm-up jersey, so that you and the officials can check if you are in your assigned zone.
  • After the race, everyone is asked to avoid unnecessary stays in the finish area and in Mosvangen.

How is the area divided, and how do we start?

The 600 registered are divided into 3 zones; one in Mosvangen, and two near by. Down on the surface, those with blue start numbers will be. These have start numbers 1-200, and start sending out people every minute from 11:15. The start number for these will be light blue, and they have been given a light blue sticker that they will wear on the warm-up clothes. Each heat has 25 participants. First 1-25 are sent out, then 26-50 etc. Each starting place is marked.

So at about 11:25, event 2 moves into the starting area. These must then have delivered their luggage in the tent for this in the zone they came from. The first heat here starts at 11:35.
Event 3 moves into the starting area at about 11:45, and has its first heat at 11:55. They also have their own luggage tent, and you must be ready to change before entering the starting area.
Event 2 will have red start numbers, in the number series 201-400. Event 3 will be yellow, and has a start number from 401 and up. These should also wear the sticker on the outerwear before starting.

You can see the area map of Mosvangen here.