In 3-Sjoers, the race has over the years run clockwise around Stokkavannet and Mosvannet but counterclockwise around Hålandvannet. By running counterclockwise around Hålandvannet you get the slopes slightly earlier than if you were running clockwise.

The challenge that arises with several runners and a bigger field field is that the area runners passing between Stokkavannet (Scout Marken) and Hålandvannet is a zone where the runners will have to cross the road. This is because you have run from Stokkavannet clockwise and continue into Hålandvannet counterclockwise. Upon returning to Stokkavannet should return to clockwise direction and one must therefore cross the zone between Stokkavannet and Hålandvannet. When the number of participants this year will be over twice as many as in 2012 there is a greater risk of misunderstandings and danger of collision between runners.