Allocation of Bib number

The bib numbers will be printed Monday, November 7th.
After this is done, you can find your number at the participant list.

Distribution of Bib number

Forum Expo, Tjensvoll:
Friday, November 11th, 12 – 18:30.
Saturday, November 12th, 10 – 11:45
PS! We are using the western part of the hall this time, which is on the other side, from where we have been before.

Collection of Bib number

It is possible to collect start numbers for others. In these cases it would be preferable if the person collecting could find out the number in advance so that the volunteers do not have to spend time searching for them.
You will receive your number both on e-mail and sms.

Directions for collection of Bib number

It is recommended that you come walking or cycling to pick up your bib number. If you do need to use your own car, please use P-Siddis or P-Forum.
Please be aware of many other events going on on race day. To find a parking place could be difficult, so come by bus, by foot or by bycycle if you can.

Late registration

It is only possible to register via online registration, and dependent on available places.