Participant information

Hotel agreement

We are working on it.

Start number distribution

You get your start number in Forum Expo .
Opening hours are Friday 3 November at 11:30 – 18:30, and Saturday November 4 from 10 am to 12 noon.


We strongly recommend arriving on foot, bicycle or bus, as there are many other people at the fairgrounds this weekend. P-Forum and P-Siddis therefore have a limited number of parking spaces available.

Changing area, luggage storage, toilets and starting area

You start on the cycle path right outside the Forum Expo exhibition hall in Tjensvoll.

Inside the hall you will find a tent, where you can change.
You place your luggage on the line that applies to your start number (1-199, 200-399 etc).
Unfortunately, we cannot assume responsibility for valuables, but we have a guard who looks after this.

We encourage as many people as possible to use the many toilets inside the hall. You have to go out to the right in the hallway to get to these. There will also be some toilets and urinals outside the start area.

Starting area and audience map

The starts

Group Color of start number Estimated running time Start time
1 Dark blue
Bright blue
1:05 – 1:18
1:19 – 1:33
2 Red 1:34 – 1:43 12:03
3 Yellow 1:44 – 1:48 12:06
4 Green 1:49 – 1:53 12:09
5 Turquoise 1:54 – 1:58 12:12
6 Orange 1:59 – 2:03 12:15
7 Grey 2:04 – 2:18 12:18
8 Pink 2:19 – 3:30 12:21

Line up for the start 10 minutes before your start time.
Place yourself in the pool that best corresponds to your expected finish time.
If you want to follow a pacer, you stand behind him.
Please note that it is difficult to run past a pacer until after about 12 km, so line up in front of this if you want to keep a faster pace.
Each starting pool has its own color. See which color you have on your start number and look for the beach flag with the same color, to orient yourself before the start. We have pacers every 5 minutes between 1:20 and 2:30, so they will give you an indication of where you should position yourself.

We want everyone to line up according to their own level, so if, for example, you have taken over a starting number, you can line up where is right for you.

Finish line

The finish line is on the cycle path, just outside Forum Expo.
At the finish line, you first receive this year’s medal, before you leave, you are offered Imsdal water or Pepsi, then a banana. Inside the hall, you get lapskaus. Ask for vegetarian if you prefer.

Award ceremony inside the Forum Expo

Right inside the hall, those who have participated 5, 10 or 15 times can be awarded their well-deserved medal of honour.
The first 3 finishers each receive NOK 15,000, 10,000 and 5,000.

If you set a new course record, you get an additional NOK 10,000.
Best U23 (15-22 years) gets NOK 7,500.
The best 40, 50, 60, 70-year-old and oldest participant will receive a gift card from Løplabbet worth NOK 500.

Time for the award ceremony:


Time Whose
14:00 3 best, best U23, best 40-year-old
14:15 Best 50 and 60-year-old
14:30 Best 70-year-old, oldest participant


You can shower for free in the Viking hall after the race. To get there, you can walk across the bridge, just above the goal portal. The changing rooms are marked with “Ladies” and “Men”, and are located on the floor where the football hall is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this year we have made some changes. It now starts 110 meters in front of the portal. When you get to Stokkabakken, you only have to go up halfway. There you now turn left, into a great free area. When you reach the cycle path along Fv. 440, then turn right. We made a trail change at Mosvatnet last year. Now we will withdraw this, and you will once again pass the “Andedammen”

We will use an image recognition service called Pica. It works in such a way that there will be separate symbols on each side of your start number. By creating a separate profile on , and using your assigned code, you can access the photos that have actually been taken by you. Feel free to also allow face recognition, then the chance that the pictures of you will be recognized increases. You can share the photos you select on social media in a simple way. You can find an illustration of the process here . Please note that we cannot guarantee that photographs have been taken of you, or that all of you have been recognised.
The various albums will be posted on the race’s Facebook page and on Pica in the days after the race day. Eventually, all the photos will also be on Flickr .

No, we will not allow participation with prams, wheelchairs or the like, due to our focus on safety for everyone involved in our event.

Up to a week before the race, you can log in to My page, and either buy this, or change the selected size. This assumes that we are not sold out for the size you want to buy or change to. Unsold t-shirts are sold at the starting number distribution.

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