The route

We are pleased to present


Norway’s most beautiful half marathon? Most of the race is on very runnable gravel paths. Enjoy being part of a large community, where together you achieve individual goals. Take in the impressions from the many people standing and cheering you on along the way. Join in running around the 3 lakes too!

Course map

3-Sjøersløpet - 21 KM

About 77% of the trail runs on gentle gravel. The rest is on asphalt. It is around 150 meters of elevation.
On the way down towards Store Stokkavatn, you will be able to keep up a good speed for the first kilometre, as you get large parts of the downhills right here.
Around the waters there are various “small hills” and some larger ones. You get one at the first drink station. You also get three steep climbs around Hålandsvatnet when you have run 8-10 km.
After the third refreshment station at 12 km, you get a long and gentle hill, before it descends steeply to Store Stokkavatn again.
After 15 km, there will be some hills towards Eiganes. Then the last hill is the one up towards Tjensvollkrysset. Then there are only 300 meters left to the finish line.
GPX file can be found here .

3-Sjøersløpet - Audience map

Course records

We have an additional cash prize of NOK 10,000 for those who set a new course record. Today, Awet Kibrab (1:04:50) and Pernilla Epland (1:14:35) have these.

About the race

The first kilometer or so is on a cycle path down towards Store Stokkavatnet. Then you run on the gravel path to the Scouts’ Field. Then you have to cross over to Hålandsvatnet. Here you run clockwise around the entire water. Please note that there are 3 short but steep hills around the water. Avoid getting a lot of acid in your legs here. Then the trail’s longest hill of 400 meters awaits you after 12 km. Then it descends steeply to Store Stokkavatn again. There will then be asphalt running at Stokka and Eiganes, before you get to Mosvannsparken and Mosvatnet. There are always lots of people cheering you on in Stokkabakken (300 metres). A small hill also awaits at Mosvatnet, and finally you will go up to the Tjensvollkrysset. After that, you just have to accelerate downhill towards the finish line.

In total, there is about a 150 meter climb. You run on gravel about ⅘ of the time. Once at the finish line, it’s just a matter of getting into the hall, getting changed, and enjoying some hot food.

Drinking stations and toilets

The first drink station only offers water, while the fifth only offers Coke. Stations 2, 3, 4 and 6 offer sports drinks and water. Sports drinks are always served first. The sports drink is Squeezy orange.

At the fourth station, you’ll be given tenders on the last table.

Toilets are located after approx. 8, 12, 16 and 18 km.

After the finish line, water, Cola and banana are offered. Inside the hall, you get Gabba’s good stew.


Every five minutes between 1:20 and 2:30. New this year, we also offer a 2:45 cruise control.

Pacers run on intensity, NOT speed. We take the trail and weather and wind conditions into account. We run more slowly on headwinds and headwinds, while it goes a little faster when there is a reduction in altitude or a tailwind. The second half of the trail is tougher than the first part. This means that all the pacers run the first part slightly faster than the second half. And we put in time so that the runners have time to drink at the drink stations. Do you have any questions? Talk to your pacer and find out if his/her plan suits you. You can get good tips for smart running of the trail here .

We have pacers who run in at the following times:

  • 1:20 (3:48)
  • 1:25 (4:02)
  • 1:30 (4:16)
  • 1:35 (4:30)
  • 1:40 (4:44)
  • 1:45 (4:59)
  • 1:50 (5:13)
  • 1:55 (5:27)
  • 2:00 (5:41)
  • 2:05 (5:55)
  • 2:10 (6:10)
  • 2:15 (6:24)
  • 2:20 (6:38)
  • 2:25 (6:52)
  • 2:30 (7:07)
  • 2:45 (7:49)